Dive behind the screen

core values:

Chance Digital Agency is all about living life on your own terms.  It’s about sharing your passion with the world and making it a business.  I’m all about organization and strategy which will help you on your path of entrepreneurship.  Let’s not forget the essence of the brand which is all about creativity and fun!  The small business community is all about collaboration and connecting with other like minded business owners. Let’s connect!

favorite things:

Traveling. Organizing. Fashion. Business. Learning. Reading. Working out. Riding bikes. Cleaning. Being creative. Exploring. Being silly. Faith. Self help books. Rearranging spaces. Watching TV shows/movies. Volunteering. 

fun facts:

I was born and raised in San Francisco, CA but was raised in a bi-cultural environment.  My parents are immigrants from Argentina and Panama.  I’ve lived in LA, Dallas and now I live full time in Miami, FL.  I have 5 brothers and sisters.  I have 3 daughters and a handsome Yorki.  I love helping people any way that I can…it’s in my DNA!